Saturday, September 13, 2014

Rolling in the coaches t-shirt!

Today my 8 year old son Christopher made his first touchdown ... during his first ever flag football game! 

Go Wolfpack!! 

I am a very proud and excited mom, but it's not just because my little San Francisco 49er Colin Kaepernick superfan made a touchdown (wooohooo!!) It's because this Upward flag football experience is giving him a level of bonding with his dad that I had never seen before.

Baby Christopher was my firstborn; a very sleepy, very smiley, very sweet, very mami's boy. Like we say in Puerto Rico, "el nene de mama."

In some ways, the way Christopher expressed his preference for mommy over daddy hurt my husband. I tried to explain that was in part because I was baby food for a number of months. 

(As a side note, breastfeeding was a wonderful bonding, healing experience, especially because after his birth I struggled with postpartum depression and returning to work was challenging. Nursing my baby helped me feel like I was truly caring for him in the best way possible, even while I was away.)

Regardless, it still bothered both my husband & me that Christopher wasn't closer to him as a baby and as a toddler. Friends and counselors told us that eventually Christopher would have a great father/son relationship. 

So we waited. 

Adam bought Christopher Lego sets and they built them together.

Adam let Christopher watch part of the UFC fights that made mommy cringe.

Adam encouraged Christopher through years of taekwondo classes and belt tests all the way to the black belt he earned just a few months ago! 

And slowly but surely, daddy saw his son's eyes turn to him wide with excitement. All of a sudden, Daddy was going to teach him all the fun boy stuff!! 

Daddy is the best buddy for football video games AND for playing football outside our apartment. Daddy couldn't contain his excitement (or his wallet) when he signed Christopher up for flag football and ended up getting not just the cleats, but cool new socks, gloves, a new ball and a duffle bag! 

In just two weeks of practice and the very first game today, Christopher has gone from tv/video game football superfan, to going out on the field with Daddy as assistant coach and hustling his little heart out.

And to take it an extra yard or two, THIS happens:

Daddy got an official coach shirt! Adam is filling in for the coach next Saturday and Christopher's reaction was so amazing, it inspired me to write this blog post.

Christopher grabbed Adam's coach shirt, carefully laid it out on the bed, and called me to come see it. He ran his hands over it, showing off his Daddy's Coach shirt with a deep sense of pride and admiration. He stretched it to take out the wrinkles. And then he laid down on it, almost snuggling as if it was a cozy blanket.

I needed to blog about this moment because it's one of those as a mom I don't want to forget.

The moment I saw Christopher laying on Daddy's coach's shirt was the moment I realized that this is just a glimpse of the life-long, incredible impact that his Daddy is having on him. 

I'm so thankful. I couldn't ask for a better answer to prayer for my hubby and our son's relationship than this beautiful football bonding. 🏈💙🏈💙


Monday, September 8, 2014

Praying for Kate ... and not giving up

have been praying for a little girl named Kate McCrae for years. She has been battling brain cancer.

I was working at a radio station called Air 1 when I first heard about Kate through the lead singer of Christian band Sanctus Real. He was asking his fans if they could pray for that little girl. And for some reason, even though I now work at another Christian radio station, KSBJ, I have continued to pray for Kate and get updates through her CaringBridge website.

Today, as I read some of the comments, this one caught my eye:

Notice that it's from "God is Gracious:"

By God is Gracious — 
Hello beautiful! How are you? I read your story today, Miss Kate McRae. Pure, that is who you are! You want to know something? I think your on a boat, are you on a boat, Miss Kate McRae? You must be, because your momma said you were going up and down. And then she said you were just being way too silly :D Yup, your on a boat for sure! Momma said you are feeling tired. I know those waves can be big and make a person frightened and tired. That is ok though. Do you know why? The disciples were on a boat just like you and the waves made them go up and down, they were scared, and tired too. Do you know what they did? They ran to the bottom of the boat, the stern, and do you know who was there? Jesus! Guess what He was doing? Sleeping :D He listened as the disciples cried out. Then He went to the top of the boat and told the storm to STOP and guess what it did. Awesome, huh!!!! The Lord loves you and He is right there with you, your momma and your daddy. You know you can also lay right beside Jesus too because sometimes the storms will still rage but you beautiful can still rest and be refreshed. It is always restful and peaceful with Jesus :D Gosh, He is God for sure!!!! Be at Pure peace and remain at rest, lovely!!!"
You and 2 others hearted this

I don't know what it is about that post that made it stand out & made me come back to it and even blog about it here. Maybe because it's so unique. Maybe because it makes so much sense.

I can't add much more, nor should I. This is the time to simply rest, pray, and abide in Him, our Lord Jesus, by the power of the Holy Spirit.


Sunday, September 7, 2014

Starbucks poke-n-slap debacle

It's Sunday morning.
The beds are made.
Teeth are brushed.
Clothes look cute. 
We got a nice Starbucks drive-thru breakfast & got to church on time.

But we're all miserable and I'm in tears.

All morning long it was "mommy says" and whiny "I don't want to's."

In the car, after Allyson poked Christopher in the eye and slapped his face right before we ordered at the drive thru, I let both of them verbally have it. After threats of "no breakfast," everyone calmed down and was deathly quiet for the long 45 minute drive to church.

But between the Starbucks poke & slap debacle & the deathly silence, we actually pulled out of the drive thru, into a parking lot, stopped and prayed.

We asked God for forgiveness. I asked Him that we didn't want our family to live in the sinful nature (arguing, fighting, bickering, anger & rage.) We want our family, our apartment, our home to be filled with His fruit: love, joy, peace ... nice conversations & fun.

Then we turned on the radio, and the song that played had to do with how God's mercies are new every morning. Every day when we mess up, sister hits brother; he argues with sister; we all whine and complain; IF we confess and ask God to forgive us, He does. Every morning, every day.

We all said our apologies and "I love you's," and reluctantly went in to church.

"If we ever needed You, Lord its now."

As a frazzled mom, before I stand in front of people to lead them in worship to God in church this morning, I needed that reminder of God's mercy. Thank You, Lord.


Saturday, September 6, 2014

Make my wish come true ...!

No, it's not too early. And this is only the beginning of ...

... the MOST wonderful time of the year!

Today is Day 1 of the 101 Days to Christmas countdown! 

But I'm not just going to post elf memes & go crazy buying stuff. What I love about this countdown is that, when all is said & done, you can look back and feel like you truly celebrated the real meaning of Christmas. 

If you're like me, you know the feeling of rushing to buy last minute gifts & getting annoyed at crowded stores because you have been too busy with family visits & church events & school gatherings & shopping & gift wrapping & you never got to sit down with a peppermint hot chocolate & enjoy anything & the whole thing was just a blur? 

discovered the awesome website ( a couple of years ago. As much as I love the holidays, some times I would wait to decorate because I was too busy. Or I'd hold back from doing things I love like ice skating at the park, buying new decorations or splurging on certain gifts because I hadn't really budgeted for it.

The countdown helps each day, starting today (yay!) with helpful tips & ideas to plan ahead, think through traditions and make sure you plan, schedule and budget what's important to you. 

When was the last time you made time to think about this ahead of time?

"All I want for Christmas is ... "

Think about it. Sign up for daily reminders on the countdown website. Dream & anticipate that this could be a truly special Christmas. 

🎶 Make my wish come true ... all I want for Christmas is you! 🎶